So Easy a N00B Could Do It

Both getting the signed consent form back to me and the interview itself are so easy a n00b could do it!  Just print, sign, and either scan, take a selfie of your wondrous signature, or mail it to me!  With the fact that most people now days have smart phones or at least a phone with a camera, it makes this that much easier!  As for the interview, I promise it is not painful, okay you do have to think a bit and I know that can be a bit painful at times, but I promise to go easy on you!  The interviews will take anywhere from 30 minutes up to an hour.  It all depends on you and how many stories you have to tell me.  Forget to tell me a story the first time around?  Not a problem!  I am always willing to sit down and talk to you again, or you can email it to me if you prefer!  Questions, comments, or concerns?  Just comment here, email me, or in game message me!  (Lilostwee, Lilospally, lilodian, lilhealer, lilosmedic, the list goes on lol, I’m on Silvermoon and Alliance)


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