A bit of bad news

When looking over my blog, it occurred to me that I had not yet posted the bad news that came out of my proposal defense.  Originally I was going to compare my findings within the LFR function and the bullying being performed to that of Witchcraft in Africa.  Hence the title!  I have done a decent amount of research regarding the way through which people in Africa, once considered a witch, are treated.  However, since the professor who was suppose to be able to be my co-advisor was not hired on,  (Which frankly is upsetting and I won’t go into the politics behind that…..but all I can say is grrrr.)  I have had to drop that portion of my thesis that would have allowed a much smoother progression from my masters program to my doctoral program.  So, I am rolling with the punches as nothing has seemed to go smoothly during this attempt for a graduate degree.  At least I get to keep my amazing co-advisor who is listed on the consent form and keep going with my research!  Onward and upward, as they say!


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