Casual Gaming

It has occurred to me that some people might not want to participate in my study because they do not think that they play enough to count.  You are the ones I need the most!  I have designated three different classes of gamers: casual gamers, casual raiders, and the elite raider.  As this study deals mainly with the LFR function, it is those people who have and continue to need to use this function that I want to speak to the most!  What does this function mean to you?  Is it a good thing or does it leave you feeling let down?  Do you find it useful?  Has it spurred you on to want to raid or just play more?  For those in the other two categories I need your input just as much!  Has it changed the way you think about raiding?  Has it lessened or increased the amount of time you spend within the game?  There are many questions that I have for people who identify themselves within each of the three classes, or straddle a fence between them.  My research will delve into what it means to be a gamer and how we as gamers identify ourselves.  It looks at how we treat each other in different situations and why are do what we do!  Whether your battle cry is “For the Horde” or what ever lame alliance battle cry you use, please consider my plea for help!  (Don’t get me wrong, I’m strongly Alliance, but our battle cry needs work!


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